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The best Future Music ever, created in the past, bringing PODCAT KItten <3

||By Rober Robot||

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Pretends making a finally Selection of podcasts with large playlist and music nonostop online free, and making podcast too, for a confortable streaming whiles you are working or busy in your diary life’s problems || Each Podcast will Be a Session merged at least 1 hour duration ||

but be carefulll we already even have 8 hours sessions, with incredible tracks never listen by the normal people, so bookmarker that site could be a good idea, if you are an underground open minder lover from 90’s electronics hauntings, you are a darker listenner, mostly of tracks in a certain level have the dark factor, .. 🙂

whith interesting styles and mostly unknown or underrated, forgotten, anyway electronic pure soul from 90’s, not mind the style more used by artist drawing the line of top quality as an horizont impossible to chased again.

Techno breakbeat ambient drones Idm Industrial, all the result joining fusions take a consecuence for ocreation music never listen before, and never be back sure.Original Cotests 100 %. Basicaly is Future Music ever, created in the past, bringing Here for the cite PODCAT KItten-<3

featured by Maite Ni Neu

Pretends making a finally Selection of podcasts with large playlist and music nonostop online free, and making podcast too, for a confortable streaming whiles you are working or busy in your diary life’s problems || Each Podcast will Be a Session merged at least 1 hour duration || PODCAT KItten <3

Rober Robot

Puissance “Back In Control” 1998 Industrial, Experimental, Ambient Album

Puissance “Back In Control” 1998 Industrial, Experimental, Ambient Album

Puissance Martial Neoclassical Industrial band was formed 1993.
Sites:Facebook, MySpace,,
Members:Fredrik Söderlund, Henry Möller

Puissance ‎– Back In Control

Label:Cold Meat Industry ‎– CMI.63
Format:CD, Album, Limited Edition
Released:Mar 1998
Genre:Electronic, Brass & Military
Style:Industrial, Experimental, Ambient

Puissance "Back In Control" 1998 Industrial, Experimental, Ambient Album

1 Actinium 5:16
2 Evolution 5:15
3 Love Incinerate 5:16
4 Bloodwed 4:58
5 Command And Conquer 5:26
6 Artificial Sun 5:03
7 Stagnate And Perish (Resculptured Version) 4:32
8 Totalitarian Hearts 4:43


Puissance "Back In Control" 1998 Industrial, Experimental, Ambient Album



Christian Morgenstern Live @ Ostermarsch – 15 04 2001

Christian Morgenstern Live @ Ostermarsch – 15 04 2001

Christian Morgenstern Live @ Ostermarsch - 15 04 2001

Götz-Christian Morgenstern was born on the 10th of November 1975 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Being interested in technical issues since he was a child, he bought his first Commodore Amiga when he was 15 and started interesting in graphics. Together with a classmate he founded a graphic-duo and pixelled the artwork for early computer-animated movies.

Morgenstern’s music inspired a young generation of musicians who have grown up to become pioneers of contemporary techno and other forms of electronic music.

It’s not easy to describe his style, as it shifted (sometimes drastically) from album to album – ranging from ghostly, ethereal, rhythmless electronica to hard-hitting techno that defines the 90’s techno scene in Germany.

Despite his flexible use of genre though, it is clear that as time passed he gathered experience and inspiration through his releases and relentless experimentation.


By 1994 Christian also started making music with the Amiga and produced Synthie-Pop and C-64 like tunes, only using Amiga internal samples and music capabilities.

Three tracks from that period can be heard on “Night Of The Living Deaf”, “Sexy World 1-4” and “Hawaii Blue” (“X-Mas In Freiburg”).

In 1995 he had his first contact with synthesizers, when Elef Tsiroudis (now owner of Shokoy Records) called him and told him about a Yamaha SY85 he bought and about his plans to produce electronic music.

So Christian also bought some equipment (after he worked at the local steel-melting factory) and travalled to Stuttgart. About six months later they released their first (and last) single on their own label “? Records” as Human Target.

1996 the team split, Christian bought a sample and started producing on his own. He released his first single on Important Extracts entitled “… Minus 38 And Counting…”, met Heiko Laux and gave him a demo tape containing the tracks of the “Miscellaneous EP”, that was released a month later on Kanzleramt Records.

In October 96 Christian started working at a computer-animation studio for several months, and created two experimental music clips for his tracks. 1997 he moves to Cologne and starts studying at the Academy of Media Arts. Further releases on Kanzleramt.

Besides producing records for labels like Kurbel, Konsquent and Creation Rebel, Christian gave birth to his own outlet Forte Records in 1999.

While he is known for his influence in underground and experimental music, part of what makes Morgenstern’s work so important is its acceptance and even incorporation of pop music as well.

Christian Morgenstern Live @ Ostermarsch - 15 04 2001d

Beginning with the hard 90’s Techno of his early Konsequent releases to the dark, moody techno of Miscellaneous (Kanzleramt, 1997) to the visionary Tech-House of Lydia (Forte, 2000) to the smooth Electro-Pop of Hawaii Blue (Forte, 2001) his albums continuously displayed an uncanny dedication to exploration.

Where as Christian used to produce his first releases only using an Amiga, a sampler, a mixing desk and an effects unit, he turned into a true gearhead, mainly using vintage equipment and tube amplifiers from the 70’s and early 80’s.

He developed his own, unique style and with the release of “Death Before Disko” in 1999, he proved once againt, that he was one of the most versatile Techno musicians. Along with “Death Before Disko” Christian produced his first experimental short movie entitled “M.I.L.K.” as part of his pre-exams.

Followed by this is the super-moody album “The Lydia EP”, released end of 1999, which is played by Djs throughout the world. After a little production break, Christian released his highly acclaimed Electro-Pop album “Hawaii Blue” in early 2001. This production is highly influenced by his undeniable affection for 80’s Pop and Rock music and can be seen as a further step in his development from a Techno artist to a musician.

As already suggested in previous works, with “Hawaii Blue”, he nearly totally refused to accept the club-compatibility dogma, and mixes Pop tunes with listening tracks and retro-ballads.
End of 2001 Christian cancels his studies to concentrate on Forte Records and making music.


Christian Morgenstern died on June 19th 2003 in his apartment in Cologne at the age of just 27. After skating with friends he went home because he felt pain in his chest. No one could reach him for a few days and finally a friend found him dead in his apartment. Christian was working night and day on his new album at the time.

Also evident in his music, Christian was a person who felt the world very deeply and often struggled with how to cope with this keen understanding. On June 17th, 2003 he decided to take his own life.

There have been many speculations and rumours about his death ranging from a skateboarding accident to a heart condition, but after time revealed details surrounding the incident it became increasingly evident that it was a decision that Christian himself made.

Discogs Discpography Morgenstern
Resident Adviser Info Artist
Biography Of C. Morgenstern


Techno Music 90s Oldschool Playlist Various Artists Collection

Techno Music 90s Oldschool Playlist Various Artists Collection

Technoscene Collection Part I

Techno Music 90's Oldschool

All Releases Info (10 Tracks 1996-2004)

Collection Technoscene Old Music Tracklist Part I

  • 1. Fanon Flowers – Shadows 2 (2000)
  • 2. Hardcell – Erector (2001)
  • 3. Monrella – Report (1996)
  • 4. Rumenige – Extratime (2002)
  • 5. Mugon – Form (1998)
  • 6. Frankie Bones – A1 Unidentified (2004)
  • 7. Gaetek – Full Logic (1999)
  • 8. Vlasta Drahokoupil – Stereo Vod Jeziska (2003)
  • 9. Olive Ho – Within (1999)
  • 10. Boss – Kopat Ako Koña (2002)

Fanon Flowers – Shadows
Label:Konsequent KSQ011
Format:Vinyl, 12″
Country:Germany Released:2000
Genre:Electronic Style:Techno
Released Track Info Link

Hardcell ‎- Morning Hours
A1. Erector
Label:Skunkworks – SKUNK12
Format:2 × Vinyl, 12″
Country:Sweden Released:2001
Genre:Electronic Style:Techno
Info Released On Discogs

Monrella – Report / Fixed (1996)
Label:ZET ‎- ZET005 Format:Vinyl, 12″, 45 RPM
Country:UK Released:1996 Genre:Electronic Style:Techno
Info About Track, Ep, Artist And Label

Monrella Real Name:Michael John Harris
Aliases:Clang, Fret, Lull, Mick Harris, Quoit, Scorn, The Weakener
Info About Artist And Label

Various – Untitled
Sello:Palicavonzvreca ‎- PVC 03
Formato:Vinyl, 12″, 45 RPM
País:Slovakia Fecha:Sep 2002
Género:Electronic Estilo:Techno
Info About Track, Ep, Artist And Label

Mugon – Work Against
Label:Expire ‎- Ex009
Format:Vinyl, 12″, EP
Country:Slovenia Released:1998
Genre:Electronic Style:Techno
Info About Track, Ep, Artist And Label

Mugon Aliases: AErosol, Iesope Drift, Obscurum, Ostia, Shallow, Succion, Tungston
Members: D. Blaze, Ronald L.

Obscurum Releases
Expire Label Info

Frankie Bones – Unidentified (a1) – KIDD 043
Format:Vinyl, 12″
Country:Germany Released:04 Oct 2004
Genre:Electronic Style:Techno
Info About Track, Ep, Artist And Label

Gaetek – Full Logic
Gaetek ‎- The Outmove E.P.
Label:Primate Recordings ‎- PRMT 033
Format:Vinyl, 12″, EP, 33 ⅓ RPM
Country:UK Released:1999
Genre:Electronic Style:Techno

“The Outmove E.P.” Tracklist
A1 Outmove
A2 Full Logic
AA1 Undecided
AA2 Negative
Release Info Discogs

Various ‎- Untitled
Label:Palicavonzvreca ‎- PVC 04 / PVC 05
Format:2 × Vinyl, 12″, Compilation
Country:Slovakia Released:Jun 2003
Genre:electronic Style:Techno, Industrial

Alias – Loktibrada, Olga+Jozef

+ Info About This Release

Oliver Ho ‎- Sentience
D1 – Within
Label:Blueprint ‎- BPLP02
Format:2 × Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
Country:UK Released:1999
Genre:Electronic Style:Techno

Info Release Discogs

Various ‎- Antidandruff 3.0
A2 Boss – Kopat Ako Koña
Label:Antidandruff – UFF 3.0 Format:Vinyl, 12″
Country:Slovakia Released:2002
Genre:Electronic Style:Breaks, Techno
Info Online About Release

Techno Music 90’s Oldschool Playlist I Various Artists technoscene collection part I

Oldschool Artist Info & Online 90s Techno Music

Techno Music 90s Oldschool Playlist Various Artists Collection


Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States during the mid-to-late 1980s. The first recorded use of the word techno in reference to a specific genre of music was in 1988. Many styles of techno now exist, but Detroit techno is seen as the foundation upon which a number of subgenres have been built.

In Detroit, techno resulted from the melding of African American music including Chicago house, funk, electro, and electric jazz with electronic music by artists such as Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, and Yellow Magic Orchestra. Added to this is the influence of futuristic and fictional themes relevant to life in American late capitalist society, with Alvin Toffler’s book The Third Wave being a notable point of reference.

Pioneering producer Juan Atkins cites Toffler’s phrase “techno rebels” as inspiring him to use the word techno to describe the musical style he helped to create. This unique blend of influences aligns techno with the aesthetic referred to as afrofuturism. To producers such as Derrick May, the transference of spirit from the body to the machine is often a central preoccupation; essentially an expression of technological spirituality. In this manner: “techno dance music defeats what Adorno saw as the alienating effect of mechanisation on the modern consciousness”.

Learn All You Want About Techno Music Style In Wikipedia

detroit techno technoscene

Detroit techno is a type of techno music that generally includes the first techno productions by Detroit-based artists during the 1980s and early 1990s. Detroit has been cited as the birthplace of techno. Prominent Detroit techno various artists include Juan Atkins, Eddie Fowlkes, Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson, Blake Baxter, Santonio Echols and Mike Banks.

Read Much More About Detroit Techno History

Techno Music 90s Oldschool Playlist Various Artists Collection

Huge Playlist, Awesome Labels, Creative Artists, Hard Collection , Techno Oldschool, 90s

Home Site

Techno Music 90s Oldschool Playlist Various Artists Collection


Various Techno, Acid, Downtempo – Impact EP by John Thomas France 1997

Various Techno Acid Downtempo Impact EP John Thomas

Various Techno Acid Downtempo Impact EP John Thomas

  Techno, Acid, Downtempo 1997

Sello:Logistic Records ‎- LOG003
Formato:Vinyl, 12″, EP País:France 01 Sep 1997
Génr:Electronic style:Techno, Acid, Downtempo

“Impact EP” Tracklist:

A1 John Thomas – Black Angel
A2 John Thomas – Sex Wax
B1 Jean Guillaume* & John Thomas – Harmonic
B2 Static Drum – Secret

John Thomas real name: Jonathan Thomas
French techno
In Groups:Static Drum, The Collective

Jean Guillaume real name:Jean-Guillaume Cabanne.
Jean is Telegraph’s kingpin artist, with six EP releases, as well as six of his tracks,in solo or with David Gluck as Ultrakurt, featuring on the Post Office compilations. On Logistic, he has co-produced the Blackstage album with John Thomas.

Music Information Music Artist Discogs

Various Techno, Acid, Downtempo - Impact EP by John Thomas

Best Techno Podcast Music Stream

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Dargaard – Eternity Rites Darkwave Dark Ambient (1998)

Dargaard – Eternity Rites Darkwave Dark Ambient (1998)

label:Draenor Productions
Format:CD, Album [DPR 006]
Country:Austria Released:Oct 1998
Genre: Electronic Style: Darkwave, Dark Ambient

Discogs Link Info

Dargaard – Eternity Rites
(Pt. 1 – Sight From The Abyss / The Confession And Prophecy)

Tracklist “Eternity Rites” by “Dargaard”
1 Eternity Rite (Pt. 1 – Sight From The Abyss / The Confession And Prophecy)
2 Demon Eyes
3 Fuer Grissa Est Drauka
4 Down To The Halls Of The Blind
5 Nightvision
6 Arcanum Mortis
7 Eternity Rite (Pt. 2 – Invocation And Bounding)
8 Temple Of The Moon
9 … Of Broken Stones
10 Seelenlos
11 Transfer Complete

Dargaard - Eternity Rites [Darkwave, Dark Ambient] (1998)

Dargaard – Eternity Rites Darkwave Dark Ambient

Dargaard is an Austrian neoclassical dark wave band formed in 1997. Typically in dark and somber moods, the music of Dargaard presents medieval and folk-like melodies, often orchestrated through the use of various instrument patches from a keyboard.

Line-up: Tharen (Alexander Opitz) – instrumentation & vocals
Elisabeth Toriser – vocals

Draenor Productions: Side-label of Napalm Records (primarily a black metal label). Draenor, however, focuses mostly on dark wave, gothic, medieval, militant industrial, and neoclassical music.

The name ‘Draenor’ is taken from the Warcraft universe, where it is the homeworld of the orcs and ogres.

Parent Label:Napalm Records

Dargaard - Eternity Rites [Darkwave, Dark Ambient](1998)

                                Dargaard – Eternity Rites Darkwave Dark Ambient

Info courtesy by

Dargaard is a neoclassical darkwave band from Mistelbach, Austria. Typically in dark and somber moods, the music of Dargaard presents medieval and folk-like melodies, often orchestrated through the use of various instrument patches from keyboards.

The group was founded in 1997 by Tharen (Abigor, Amestigon, ex-Heidenreich, Dominion III, Graumahd) as an opportunity to step away from his usual genre (black metal) and experiment with a different approach to express attitudes and feelings. With Elisabeth Toriser (ex-Abigor, ex-Antichrisis, Dominion III, Soulhunt, Graumahd), who took over the vocal responsibilties in 1998, Dargaard was able to successfully complete the recording of their debut album, “Eternity Rites”, released by Napalm Records under the Draenor Productions banner in October 1998.

Dargaard - Eternity Rites [Darkwave, Dark Ambient] (1998)

In August 1999 the duo returned in the studio to record a second full-length. “In nomine aeternitatis” was released in March 2000 and remains within Dargaard’s signature style and promise to prove once again their undeniable skill in creating superior melodies and atmosphere. June 2001 welcomed Dargaard’s third recording effort, “The Dissolution of Eternity”. This album has been described as having reached a milestone in innovative darkwave.

Dargaard‘s latest full length release, “Rise and Fall”, was released in March 2004 and was featured in various magazines as album of the month. It offers a magical sound experience characterized by impressive compositions. Atmospheric, enigmatic darkwave melodies embedded in bombastic choirs and orchestral arrangements are transformed into impressive works of art by the bewitching voice of Elizabeth Toriser.

Dargaard Eternity Rites [Darkwave Dark Ambient] (1998)

Official website:

Website Music Online Streams&Networks Madness

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Random Logic – Mirago EP (1995) [Experimental Ambient]

Random Logic – Mirago EP (1995) [Experimental Ambient]

Random Logic alias “Gregor Zemljic & Miha Klemencic” are the longest established artists of the Slovene electronic music scene.

They have also written music for major and alternative theatre, ballet and experimental art performances (they are collaborating extensively with the artist Marko Peljhan on his multimedia projects) and also for films.


In the year 2000 they were awarded the Studio City Boomerang Award (alternative Slovenian music awards) for the best live techno act in Slovenia and recently they won 1st prize at The 2002 RFI (Radio France International) Musiques Electroniques Award for the best electronic project in Central and Eastern Europe.
Random Logic Discogs Info


Play Now The 4 Tracks

Random Logic – Scio

Random Logic – Ornamo

Random Logic – Moduli Lazuro

Random Logic – Lumo

Random Logic – Mirago EP
Label:Matrix Musik ‎- 12TRIX003
Format:Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Clear
Country:Slovenia Released:1995
Style:Techno, Experimental

Mirago EP Tracklist” by “Random Logic
A1 Lumo
A2 Moduli Lazuro
B1 Scio
B2 Ornamo

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Review Of Top Songs From 90’s Electronic Duo Leftfield

Review Of Top Songs From 90’s Electronic Duo Leftfield (Top Songs + Past&Present Discussion) (Part 1)

Almost 2O Years Ago, Since “Rhythm&Stealth Album” of The Electronic Duo “Leftfield” Lands In My Hands, I Don’t Know How or Why, But When I Heard All The Tracks, I was very impressed for the high quality and quantity of different Electronic styles Fusioned In It And For A Impeccable Execution, Debug, Talent & Art In One CD…Really I Got Addicted.


They Was Making Something New, Original & With Too Much Rhythm…Sounds Never Heard Before..The More I Listenned To Tunes, More Addicted To Me Back…I Was In Mode Loop On With That Album..Several Electronics Styles Fusioned In Each Track..Rhythm Sounds&Styles Crossbears …I Couldn´t Wait For The Next Album..I Was Very Happy For Have Found An Artists That I thought , I Will Follow All Their Works , Enjoying For A Lot Of Years…But Never Happends..I Needed More…And I Try To Seek Any Info About It.


Then Someone Told Me About The Debut Album Named “Leftism”…He Saw It Wss Great…..And It Was!!! :-))))

Quickly I Went to buy a Copy, and Lucky Of Me The Music Store Had A Copy… Well, Really Amazing Album Too, A bit Different One, More Minimal Electronic Style Sounds..But Really High Quallity..I Asked Myself For When They Next Album, Or What!!!..But Never Happends.. ..Day by Day, Year by Year, Waitting But This Day Never Become… :´(.


20 Years Later…Hearing Some News In The Radio, They Was Saying About The Came Back Of Leftfield To Music. I Couldn´t Believe!!…But Soon , The Classic Deception Of All 2nd Parts Of Any Good Film, It Was Very Frustrated…But By The Moment, I Think It Would Be Better Listen All The Good Old Tracks They Made…Later (In The Second Part Of Post) We will enter to The Discussion Of The Sadness Back, So Now ,Play!! Sounds Great!!

Leftfield – Afro Left (Leftism)
Leftfield – El Cid (Rhythm&Stealth)
Leftfield – inspection One (Leftism)
Leftfield – Storm 3000 (Leftism)
Leftfield – Song Of Life (Leftism)
Leftfield – Original (Leftism)
Leftfield – Melt (Leftism)
Leftfield – release the preassure (Leftism)

See More In Few Days ,,In Part II..Very Soon!!

(90’s Detroit Techno Oldschool Artist) Aaron-Carl – Tears (Part 2)

(90’s Detroit Techno Oldschool Artist) Aaron-Carl – Tears (Part 2)

 Aaron-Carl Ragland (R.I.P)

(* 08/19/1973 in Detroit, USA; † 09/30/2010 in Detroit, USA)


Aaron-Carl was diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma) in late 2010 and passed away September 30th, 2010. He was a fighter, and is survived by his adopted son.

Aaron-Carl – Tears (Part 2)

Aaron-Carl – Tears
Label:Subject Detroit – SUB012
Format:Vinyl, 12″ Country:US
Released:01 Feb 2006
Genre:Electronic Style:Techno, Deep House


His unique ability to cross over between styles like deep house, techno and hard-hitting electro-funk made Aaron-Carl one of the most interesting Detroit Electronic Music artists. It is impossible to pigeonhole, his discography features a variety of styles – from soulful house cuts like Crucified, Sky and the Billboard-charting My House to ghetto tech anthems like Down, “No No” and 21 Positions.

Aaron-Carl released on various labels throughout the world; including Rebirth, Metroplex, Subject Detroit, Ovum Recordings, ULM and his own imprint, Wallshaker Music. He remixed some of Detroit’s biggest techno artists, like Underground Resistance, Scan 7, DJ Bone, Aux 88 and Kelli Hand. In addition, he remixed various house, R&B and other mainstream artists, including Dajae, Gusgus, Manu Dibango, N’Dambi (with Keite Young) and Kindred The Family Soul; as well as writing and producing for legendary house artists, such as Cece Peniston and Michelle Weeks.


Starting in 1996, armed with little more than a keyboard and a four-track cassette recorder, his demo landed into the hands of “Mad” Mike Banks of Underground Resistance. Shortly after, Aaron-Carl was signed to the UR sub-label, Soul City. His first two records – “Wash It” (featuring “Down”) and “Crucified” were released simultaneously, instantly earning him a local and international following.

Mentored by Mike Banks, Aaron described the experience as similar to boot camp. “It wasn’t enough for me to write great songs,” he said. “Mike challenged me to make great RECORDS.” Ron Murphy (NSC/Sound Enterprises, Detroit) taught him how to master his songs, helping Aaron establish his trademark “Wallshaker” beats. In 1998, Aaron-Carl launched his own label, Wallshaker Music. One of his first self-released singles, “My House,” got licensed by Josh Wink’s label, Ovum Recordings, and became Aaron’s first Billboard Top 40 Dance/Club hit.


Aaron-Carl’s music was showcased in various feature films – most notably “Maestro,” a house music documentary by Josell Ramos, which featured original tracks “Sky” and Oasis. He also appeared in “The Godfather Chronicles – The Ghetto Tech Sound of Detroit.” His remix of rapper Johnny Dangerous’ “Topsy Turvy” (in which he makes a cameo appearance) is featured in “Pick Up the Mic,” a documentary by Alex Hinton.

Aaron-Carl was the founder and CEO of W.A.R.M.T.H. International Inc., a collective devoted to preserving the integrity of Detroit Electronic Music, and hosted a weekly internet radio show, “The W.A.R.M.T.H. Sessions.”

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